What We Do

Första Entreprenörsfonden has a unique way of identifying exceptional entrepreneurial teams, evaluating, investing in, and developing fast growing Sustaintech companies. The Management team is led by Rune Nordlander and Peter Werme, who have been investing together for more than ten years. The Management team, together with the Advisors, has deep, relevant, broad and unique experience across the focus investment sectors in Sustaintech. Team members have substantial experience in the complementary fields required for the applied Investment Process, including hands-on entrepreneurial backgrounds and relevant venture capital expertise, plus vast experience in management consulting/coaching and investment decision-making.


Drawing on this unique know‐how, the Fund known as Första Entreprenörsfonden Sustaintech AB will explore the substantial opportunities in the Swedish market for investments in Sustaintech companies.


The Fund invests in Sustaintech companies, Sustainability and Quality of Life through Technology. All companies and investors have to consider this megatrend in the future.